If like me you are reading the slimmed down versions of what used to be the sports sections of the national newspapers, you will discover that many coaches and players in different sports have been reflecting on what they are good at, as well as not so good, and working out how to be more effective in the future.

No doubt creative agencies have also been doing this, as have many of their clients.

What has been apparent after several weeks of lockdown is that there is no one size which fits all. Some people and some sectors have been ultra-busy, others definitely not. Some can see opportunities for growth and expansion, others are more concerned about survival.

Are there any relevant pointers from previous times of economic upheaval, to help us speculate about the future as we await the easing of lockdown?

We think there are.

Firstly, life goes on – it may well be different, but activity will pick up albeit at different paces.

Secondly, value for money will take centre stage, as will the ability to adapt, and do things differently.

Lastly, because we are social animals at heart, we will find ways to communicate and interact more directly and more rewardingly than say by zoom.

One constant is the need to tell the story of what we have done, and who for, and to demonstrate why it was special, have it acknowledged as special, and to be able to do it again – but even better.

It is possible that we have got too caught up in our own immediate environs, and maybe have forgotten that there is some great work going on right now.

There really is no better time to prepare for tomorrow by putting together your submissions for the PMA to gain industry recognition for your talents and skills, and arm yourself with some new awards to help you win fresh work in the changed world we will soon inhabit.

There are several new categories for 2020, including Best Use of PR, and an extended qualifying period.  Our stellar panel of judges eagerly awaits your entries and we look forward to seeing as many of you as the ‘new normal’ allows by November!

David Bianco, Vice Chair PMA 2020

Photo by Mark Allan