Winning an award, or being recognised as a finalist, can help small agencies grow.  As real estate businesses emerge from this unprecedented and challenging period, standing out from the crowd will put you and your agency in a stronger position in the property sector.

For many small agencies, dedicating time to prepare and submit award entries can take valuable resources away from fee paying work. Smaller agencies may also feel that they can’t compete with the larger corporate machines. The PMA jury judge entries on criteria which are not dependent on turnover.  So what are you waiting for?

  • Stand out from the crowd

It’s pretty obvious but being shortlisted for an award identifies you as THE people to use in the sector – putting your business in a much stronger position against competitors.

  • Brand awareness

Being shortlisted for awards gives your business something to shout about and provides great PR potential – a cost-effective way of raising brand awareness before, during and after the awards.

  • Benchmarking

Entering an award and writing an award submission forces you to look at your business from a different perspective and compare yourself to competitors. Once you’ve identified strengths, you can then go on to refine business strategy and evaluate where you could grow or capitalise on what you do well.

  • Compete with larger companies

Entering award categories and being judged on the same criteria regardless of turnover or budget puts everyone on an equal footing. Being shortlisted certifies your place within the sector, especially if the award has been judged by industry-leaders and experts in that field.

  • Enhancing client retention

Entering and winning business awards demonstrates to your customers that your business is at the top of its game, reinforcing their reasons for using you in the first place. It also helps build brand loyalty as customers are keen to stick with businesses who are perceived to be doing well.

  • Rewarding staff

Awards recognise the hard work and achievements of staff, therefore short-listing one can help boost staff morale and improve motivation. Teams are also usually invited to an awards ceremony which is a great night out for the team and offers super networking opportunities!

  • Attract new talent

Being recognised as the best in class and building your employer brand helps attract new talent to your business. Resulting in even more award-winning work!

  • Networking Opportunities

As well as celebrating with fellow award nominees, consider using social channels to tag other shortlisted contacts to congratulate them, make appointments to meet contacts and prospects at the event and think about sponsoring a relevant category to help raise awareness of your brand to a target audience.  

By Anna Carrington, Director Armstrong Design and PMA Organising Committee.