What do you do when one of your biggest clients and the world’s largest office broking service challenges you to take their performance to the next level by driving an additional 20% in revenue? It might not seem like a difficult task, but we’d already been working with Instant Offices for four years when they asked us to make it happen.

We’d optimised the site, launched a multinational strategy, achieved front page rankings for 90% of their top 1000 cities globally and delivered 400% growth through SEO, so we knew this additional growth would be tough to achieve.

Creating Digital Alchemy

After many hours of brainstorming, we realised we had to find creative ways to hit our targets through link acquisition, and our first step was to identify new target audiences. We started by analysing 250 enquiries that came through the previous year and mapped enquirers to their job titles via LinkedIn.

This gave us valuable insight into who is procuring office space and enabled us to segment our target audience into two groups: entrepreneurs and office managers. The big idea was two-fold: effectively target these groups with relevant content and drive great links from key publications at the same time.

This two-pronged approach for our content entailed using statistical research and data to target entrepreneurs, and lifestyle content to target the office manager group.

Impressing the Entrepreneur

No strategy is without its roadblocks, and we hit one when we realised Instant didn’t have any proprietary data that was statistically relevant enough to truly own a story – especially not one that would catch the eye of our diverse group of entrepreneurs.

To counter this, we developed custom software in-house to analyse the UK Companies House open source database. This effectively enabled us to scan oceans of data and identify developing trends, which we could overlay with multiple other data sources.

A standout piece of content we created during this time is Most Entrepreneurial City in the UK – which has since turned into a successful annual series for the brand. To produce it, we overlaid Companies House and census data to develop a ranking leaderboard of what we coined an ‘Entrepreneurial Index’. Our PR team sold it into national business titles and key regional titles with high domain authority and deep links to relevant, local office page listings.

Engaging the Office Manager

To nail our strategy with this audience, we brainstormed some of the most common issues within an office, from pay culture and mental health to how working conditions impact productivity, and developed a stream of monthly content to be sold into lifestyle blogs and national titles.

A standout piece is ‘How Much Should You Be Earning at your Age?” – a piece which compared average salaries by age and cross referenced them against key earner job titles. The piece went on to become the Google Rich Snippet answer for that query, and was featured in titles like Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, The Mirror, The Sun and MSN.

It’s worth noting that we don’t do link buying, gifting or take part in any other value link acquisition tactics that could jeopardise the brand in the future. We relied entirely on creative content and outstanding digital PR to drive the campaign.


Thanks to solid team work and the integrated approach that lies at the core of our agency, I’m proud to say we managed to pull the whole thing off…and then some. We exceeded every single goal set: SEO traffic went up 51%, enquiries increased by 27% and revenue shot up 27% YoY.

The best part? We proved our ability to compete and thrive in this highly competitive sector and won the award for Best Digital Content Marketing at the Property Marketing Awards in 2017.

It’s an absolute honour for MediaVision to be recognised in this way, and we look forward to competing in the awards again this year against some of the industry’s best.

Louis Venter, MediaVision CEO