2018 marks my fifth year as Chairman of the Property Marketing Awards, and my seventh on the PMA committee. I have seen many memorable campaigns during that time, as well as literally hundreds of campaigns in Europe, America and here in the UK during my long property career.

Using a campaign budget wisely has always been a challenge, long before the digital era. On one occasion I recall supplementing funds by letting a client’s building in New York to a film company. The film turned out to be the blockbuster Trading Places with Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy – I was not unhappy to be asked by the client to stay on the set for the duration of filming!

I wouldn’t trade places from the PMA, I meet so many engaging and creative people and it is a lot of fun.  We recognise, however, that your work is serious – you are charged with the responsibility of promoting projects and demonstrating a clear return on investment.

We listen and often embrace your suggestions.  The most significant was from a previous winner and one time committee member, Nick Hughes of SEGRO.  Nick suggested that the judging panel should be entirely independent of the committee and the livery. So under the chairmanship of Kevin Duncan, and currently led by Thomas Brown, we have established a stella cast of experts from a variety of industries judging your work using their experience of marketing global brands. Do keep the suggestions coming in!

Winning an award is one way in which clients, and in particular new clients, may judge your work. We know how important the judges’ comments are to you.  Come awards night, for us the shortlist and winners are the stars of the show.  We do, however, have another impeccable and professional presenter to take you through the runners and winners in 2018 – watch this space.

As always, a huge thank you to our supporters and partners and everyone on the committee who work so hard all year round to make these awards a success.  This year we have the largest sponsor line-up which reflects the ongoing growth in the standing of these awards and the desire of industry leaders to be associated with them.

Good luck with your entries in 2018!

Colin Peacock
Chairman, PMA