PMA Events and Key Dates

Events and Key Dates

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PMA 2022  Please see photographs of PMA 2022 Winners and Supporters.

Hall One, Kings Place, King’s Cross
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2022 Webinar : ‘ What is the future for property marketing?’ – EG/ PMA / MediaVision/ Straction webinar of 1 March 2022:
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Previous PMA events in 2020/2021 included

Return to the office: excitement or anxiety?

In the latest Fit for the Future Webinar series, our panel of workplace experts explore the role good communication can play in the success of ‘return to the office’ strategies to support employee wellbeing, health and safety, and community building. Cathy Hayward Founder & Chairman, Magenta Associates, Rachel Houghton Managing Director, Business Moves Group, and Lizzie Neave Group Marketing & Comms Director, Churchill.

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Can Marketing Save the Planet?

How many of us have truly considered how property marketing teams can contribute to sustainability beyond greenwashing our content? In this latest Fit for the Future webinar, Gemma Butler from The Chartered Institute of Marketing explains the leading role marketing teams can play in the sustainable transformation of businesses.  View here:

Marketing trends for a post-Covid-19 world.

What can we learn from the marketing trends to emerge during the Covid-19 crisis and which trends are here to stay?

Register now to hear our expert panel @MarkusKramer @MisaVonTunzelman @JohnWilliams explore five global trends that have accelerated during the pandemic and discuss how they could impact on property marketing in a post-Covid-19 world. @propmarawards

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Are you working from home or living at work?

The prospect of working from home over the winter months and the re-imposition of social restrictions brings the importance of mental and physical wellbeing back into the spotlight. Many teams are working with reduced staff and reduced budgets.  For some, twelve-hour days looking at a screen are common. For others there is genuine anxiety about their jobs and financial security.

Dr Judith Mohring, an expert in lifestyle psychiatry, shares simple evidence-based life ‘hacks’ to make home working during winter, healthier, happier and more productive. To view a recording of this popular webinar go to

The Covid-19 public health crisis and its impact on the economy has left most businesses with some difficult choices to make. While many of the challenges are common, every organisations has its own unique set of circumstances to factor into decisions about what to do next and when. To help businesses and individuals work out what strategies and actions are best for them, Straction in association with the Property Marketing Awards is delighted to invite you to the Fit for the Future webinar series.

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Building Brand Resilience

During the last financial crisis, brands that continued to invest recovered nine times faster – but can you really spend your way out of a recession?

The recovery curve will be different for different types of business. Consumers have new expectations of brands and customer buying behaviours are changing. Many brands will need to recalibrate to survive.

In this session our expert panel discuss strategies to ensure your brand is well positioned for a post Covid-19 marketplace.

Smarter Digital Marketing

The move from conventional to digital marketing over the last decade has been game changing. Some professional services firms had already embraced the shift while others still lagged behind. But the current environment and likely long-term structural shifts in the way people buy and sell means that all businesses must now pay more than just lip service to digital marketing.

Some companies are weathering the storm well – this webinar explores what they are doing right with their digital marketing, and what search trends from around the world reveal. Find out what your business should be doing now to prepare for recovery in your sector.

Marketing Strategy for a Brave New World

When stay at home advice was first announced many marketing plans were ripped up and budgets slashed in anticipation of the worst. Marketing teams went into crisis management mode before some re-emerged with a plethora of Covid-19 related content and events. But what happens next?

This session explores how marketing is responding to the crisis and what steps companies might consider to get themselves fit for whatever future lies ahead.